R.E.A.L Life Groups

What We Are

Relate, Encourage, Ask, and Learn. This is what our groups do together as we seek to follow Jesus as a body. This fall we will be discussing our Sunday sermons. A new sermon series with the theme of “Foundations” started on September 17. This ministry year will focus on reinforcing the beautiful foundations of Redeemer, therefore we will delve into Genesis 1-3. We will explore who God is, as Creator and Savior; who we are, as image bearers; and how we live within God’s created order. All of this is to be transformed by grace into servants of all.

As groups meet they will discuss that week's sermon and work through some provided questions to help them dig deeper and grow from the listening. You can still participate if you missed a Sunday, you can even go back and listen to the sermon.

Groups will meet weekly/biweekly until May 25th.