Our mission is to be transformed by God's grace into faithful servants of all.

As a redeemed people, we see church as a new family, not as an activity. We see our individual selves as members of a collective family of God. Love from God drives our actions as we interact with and serve people both in Winston Salem and into every part of the world. The teaching of God’s Word helps us live faithfully and at peace with Him and one another. We are intentional about spending time in the Word, worship, and prayer as we both reach out to others and welcome those who reach out to us. We use our abilities and gifts to be the hands and feet of Jesus, so we can effectively serve others. Our desire is for God to advance His Kingdom in our becoming faithful servants of all.

Our Beliefs

God is called the Redeemer many times in the Bible. A redeemer is someone who pays a price to release a slave from bondage and misery. The members of Redeemer Church acknowledge that we have been in bondage to sin, and that when we truly live as free people we are eager to worship God as the one who paid the price to release us from that bondage.


Redeemer believes that the Bible is the written word of God. We believe that it is flawless in its original manuscripts as a text inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible reveals God’s truth and cannot be disproven; therefore, it leads our faith and practice.

We believe in the Holy Trinity which exists as one God, eternally as three persons including the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in those who believe in God and supplies the strength and wisdom needed to follow Christ.

We believe that all of us are sinners who would be condemned without the grace of God. We cannot save ourselves from God’s displeasure, but His mercy reconciles us with Him. We cannot earn our salvation and God alone chooses those He will save based on His grace.

Jesus Christ is our savior and the eternal Son of God. He lived a perfect life and his sacrificial death atoned for the sins of all who trust solely in Him for their salvation.

We believe God to be gracious and faithful to those who trust in Him both as individuals and as families across generations.

We believe that Jesus will return in a visible body to judge all humanity and welcome his followers to Himself.

We believe that all we do in life should glorify God as we trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.


Baptism and communion are the two sacraments of the protestant church. In the PCA we practice infant baptism. We believe that baptism emphatically, publicly, and visibly marks the infant as a member of God’s family of grace. This is a great blessing for the child. In it, God holds out the gift of salvation for the child. It is theirs. We eagerly anticipate the day that they will embrace it as their own, at which point the child begins to participate in the second sacrament– communion.

Baptism initiates. Communion maintains.

For this reason, baptism should always precede communion for everyone. Communion is the outward sign of the inward work of Christ. Feasting on Christ strengthens and sustains our faith on a regular basis, so at Redeemer we take communion every week. We believe that the Last Supper was a Passover meal – the Ultimate Passover with Christ playing the part of the sacrificial lamb (1 Corinthians 5:7). Passover is our model for communion. In Exodus 12:24-27 we read that children are participating in the Passover meal, asking questions about what is taking place. Our understanding is that children were welcome to eat the passover meal as soon as they understood and owned their faith, so in that model, baptism and understanding of faith is what we ask of everyone who partakes of communion.


Redeemer is a worshipping community. This means that corporate Worship of the Triune God fuels and forms our entire life as part of the church body. Worship is the essential and ultimate work of the Church, and to cease corporate worship is to cease being a church. Worship empowers and embodies our mission to be transformed by God’s grace into faithful servants of all by following Christ, connecting with each other, and engaging the world.


PCA Affiliation

Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is a relatively new denomination, formed in 1973 with the goal to take the elements of the Reformation into the 21st century – being true to Scripture, the Reformers, and the Great Commission of Jesus. God has grown the PCA into 1200 congregations and 233,000 members across North America. Overseas the denomination is represented by over 600 foreign missionaries in more than sixty countries. Redeemer shares the denominational vision to take the gospel to our neighbors and every nation.