COVID-19 Care

Care Resources

Prayer Requests

Please email prayer requests to Please know that our Officers are available to talk or pray. You can email them at or


Please send announcements related to births, sickness etc. to Sherry Hasty at All other announcements continue to be submitted to

Redeemer Church Staff

Redeemer Staff will continue to be available for virtual meetings and phone calls. Please reach out to them to set up meeting times.

Care Teams

Those participating in Care Teams will continue to reach out, but again the mode will likely shift away from in person meetings as many being cared for are less strong physically. Those providing Care calendar meals, please do so as planned or withdraw commitment via the usual means We are placing coolers outside the door of each home to provide a drop off site. Please knock, chat and pray with them from a bit of a distance, visits can strongly encourage. Ordering delivery of meals can also be a great option and can be a wise choice.

Pastoral Care

The on-call line is 336-701-6037.

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